Qualifications and Education

Transpersonal Psychology Training-1978-1980

Gestalt Therapy Training-1981-1983

Life Coach, Renaissance Life Therapies-June 2016

Usai Reiki I-October 1981

Usai Reiki II-October 1982

Usai Reiki l, ll, and Master/Teacher-April 2016

Karuna KI Reiki Master-January 2018

Space Clearing Reiki Practitioner-June 2018

Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20-July 2018

Ataana Method Energy Method-August 2018

Crystal Reiki-March 2017

Animal Reiki-April 2017

Angel Intuitive-April 2017

Plus Heart Facilitator/ Heartmath Institute-July 2017

Reiki and Color Therapy – current

Deepening your Reiki Practice, Pamela Miles-Sept 2017

Health Coach,Institute for Integrative Nutrition-October 2013

Detox Specialist,The Health Science Academy-April 2015

Clinical Weight Loss Specialist,The Health Science Academy-April 2015

Nutrition Therapist-The Health Science Academy-May 2015

Digestive Intensive Graduate, Holistic Nutrition Lab-June 2014

Precision Nutrition Coaching,PN 1-November 2017

Aromatherapist certification, Aromahead Institute School of Essential Oils-February 2019

Essential Oil Specialist, Aromahead Institute School of Essential Oils-February 2018

Teacher Training, Aromahead Institute-May 2017-February 2018

Anatomy and Physiology for ACP Aromahead Institute-May 2014-February 2018

Aromatherapy For Natural Living, Aromahead Institute-August 2015-February 2018

Body Butters and Lip Balms, Aromahead Institute-August 2015-February 2018

How to Protect Your Family from Colds and Flu Using Essential Oils, Aromahead Institute-January 2018

Natural Anxiety Relief with Essential Oils, Aromahead Institute – March 2019

Online Component Blending, Aromahead Institute-February 2015-February 2018

Frankincense Essential Oil Spotlight Class, Aromahead Institute-August 2017

Lavender Essential Oil Spotlight Class, Aromahead Institute-June 2017

Orange Essential Oil Spotlight Class, Aromahead Institute-November 2017

Cardamom Essential Oil Spotlight Class, Aromahead Institute – April 2019

Aromatherapy Coach, The Essential Oil Institute-July 2017

The Aromatherapy Advanced Training with Master Herbalist David Crow-November 2017

Lay Midwife/Doula-1978-1982

Natural Foods Cooking teacher-1973-1982

Minister of Universal Life Church current


Reiki Healing Association

International Reiki Association

International Institute for Complementary Therapists

International Association of Health Coaches

Personal Workshops

EST-April 1975

1975-1977- Findhorn Foundation

Weekly 3 month seminar put on by the Forum About Money Early 1980’s

Weekly 3 month seminar put on by the Forum About Relationship Early 1980’s

Weekly 3 month seminar put on by the Forum About Time Early 1980’s

Weekly 3 month seminar put on by the Forum About Sex Early 1980’s

Weekly 3 month seminar put on by the Forum About Making a Difference 1980’s

Insight Workshop, John Rogers-1980

10 Day Mountain Course with EST 1981

The Forum-1990

Carolyn Myss-Eygpt- 2001

Carolyn Myss-Archtypes- 2004

Befriending Death Common Ground Buddist Center 2014


Welcome to Nourish & Thrive Health and Wellness Solutions!

Hello! I am Alexis Bloomstrand, a wife, mother, grandmother, gardener, forever student, passionate, hopeful, and compassionate human being!

It all began in the fall of 1972 when I attended a lecture on the University of Minnesota campus; it was on the Yin/Yang of Macrobiotics. Up until that point, I had eaten a pretty typical American diet, growing up in a suburb of Minneapolis. As a kid, I had severe eczema, food and seasonal allergies, and migraine headaches. The lectures were on changing your health through diet. Over the course of that fall, I had changed my eating habits to a strict vegetarian Macrobiotic diet.

I took cooking classes to learn how to make tofu and mochi, all new and exotic foods and tastes. At the time, there was nowhere; you could buy many of these foods, so you made them from scratch.

In 1974, we moved to Boston, so my husband could attend Boston College, and we could study Macrobiotics with Michio and Aveline Kushi, learning about Chinese medicine, food, and natural healing.

During this time, I taught Natural Foods cooking classes all along Massachusetts’s Cape Cod at the evening night schools.

While in Boston, we begin to run into people that had been to a community in Northern Scotland called Findhorn. Paul Hawken had just written the book THE MAGIC OF FINDHORN, after reading it, we knew we had to go.

My husband had just completed Boston College and needed to do his student teaching. He was able to made arrangements at the nearby high school to do his student teaching near the Findhorn community. We packed everything into storage, and my husband, 14-month-old daughter, and I headed to Scotland for an adventure for the next two years. Findhorn is a spiritually based Eco-community of people of all faiths, backgrounds, ages, and from all over the world. Living and working there was an honor, and a life-changing experience, that I’m incredibly grateful for; the values gained at Findhorn are still with me today.

After leaving Findhorn, the plan was to return to Minneapolis and prepare to go to Mexico to study Lay Midwifery with a midwife in a village community. However, all plans sometimes do not work out; after having three girls at home, I found a local community of lay midwives in Minneapolis and began apprenticing and attending births. I also taught birthing classes for a local doctor who was doing home births. The honor to be asked to come into a family’s home and assist in one of the most sacred times of a woman and family’s life was extraordinary.

Healing, cooking, gardening, ongoing learning, and health became a theme and interest. In October of 1980, I went through Reiki 1 and the following year Reiki 2. From 1978 to 1982, I attended births and had a Reiki practice in Minneapolis’s Lyn-Lake area.

In 1981 my husband was beginning a custom window business. It was starting to grow and needed both of us. For the next 25 years, I owned and operated a custom window business that sold custom windows to window manufacturers and window distributors. I learned a whole new set of skills accounting, personnel, marketing and sales, and computer. In 2012 the business did not make it through the recession. It was a painful experience to go through, but it taught me a lot about myself and my resilience.

. After losing the business, I decided to go back to my original roots, Healing, and Health. This brings us to the now; I have had an incredibly full life of adventure, learning, divorce, remarrying, illness, physical pain, joy, difficulty, sadness, happiness, and gratitude. My experiences have taught me to respect both western and alternative medicine. Western medicine helped my daughter after she broke her neck in gymnastics and put stage 4 Lymphoma into remission for my husband. I found out in 2010 that I had been born with an IGG deficiency which makes it difficult for the body to fight infections and viruses. Suddenly years of being sick made sense. So today, I get an IV every three weeks of IGG to keep me healthy. I rarely get sick anymore. Halleluiah! On the other hand, I eat a clean diet and have acupuncture, Reiki, and massage every week. I use essential oils in my life for both medicinal and cleaning purposes. The synergy of natural and western medicine keeps me personally healthy, and I would love to share that possibility with you.

I bring 45 years of experience to my health coaching, Reiki Practice, Life Coaching, and Aromatherapy practice to serve you in your journey to a healthier, less stressed, more empowered life.


I want to invite you to a community of growth and learning, health, and well-being – Are you interested?