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28 Days of Mindfulness

Get in touch with your inner self.  Grow spiritually and learn to let go of things that do not serve you. Each day is packed with information to help you understand more about meditation and its versatility.

12 Day Seasonal Detox

Do you want to eat healthy, move and be empowered? Kickstart your weight loss and increase your health and energy without starving or feeling deprived with our detox. You can do it in 12 Days! No shakes or bars – it’s all natural.

Slim, Sexy, & Smart

You’ll love this 28-day program! It’s a fun approach to weight loss with nutrition and lifestyle changes. Daily Modules, motivation, inspiration, and even a little hypnosis to promote self-confidence and support your efforts.

Healthy Gut Program

You don’t heal a gut in 7 days. But you can get a good start and lay the foundations of good health. This program is designed to help you make long-term changes and begin the process of healing your gut.

A Lighter Life

Make lasting changes that have the potential to impact the rest of your life! The purpose of the program is to move toward a life of authentic joy and fulfillment, not necessarily to turn your whole life upside down. Be kind to yourself!

Healthy Habits

Take control of your health and your life, and stop the painful cycle of weight gain and loss. Over 3 months you will learn new habits that will last a lifetime.

12 Month PN Weight Loss Program

With the Precision Nutrition  technology and curriculum, you get the same science-based, road-tested, tried-and-true tools we’ve used to effectively coach about 50,000 clients to more than 1,000,000 pounds of weight lost

Clutter Cleanse

Join Us for 14 days of De-cluttering
Minimalism, clearing space, and decluttering are all quite popular right now, and there’s a good reason for that. Clearing away and decluttering your space can help to eliminate stress.



Discover a vibrant diet and lifestyle based on plants. Whole-food and plant-based can be a scary, but with PURE you’ll receive ongoing support from an experienced health coach and a physician-approved program to ensure a fun, successful transition.

In-Person Training

Reiki - Level 1


In Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level 1 you will learn to give Reiki to yourself and others.  Getting in touch with the healing ability that lies within each of us. Reiki level ! is a two day course.


Reiki - Level 2


In Reiki Level II students will experience the next level of Reiki healing. Students are given the first 3 Reiki symbols which expand their capacity for healing.  Level !! is a two -day course.


Reiki - Master Level


In The Reiki Master/Teacher course you will be given the 4th symbol – the master symbol, which opens and increases the flow of healing energy.


Introduction to Essential Oils

In this class you will begin to build a solid foundation of knowledge about Essential Oils, so you can confidently and safely create effective blends for yourself, friends and family.

Personal Care Products with Aromatherapy

In this class you will learn how to create personal care products from scratch that support your health and nourish your skin.

Healthy Home with Aromatherapy

In this class you will learn how to create household cleaners from scratch that support your health and keep every room in your home spotless—including the kitchen and bath!

Mature Masculine

To fully utilize the art and power of maturation one must accept the efforts span a lifetime and is more a marathon than a sprint. Each decade of a life, place a wide range of stressors and opportunities squarely in our own hands.