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Welcome, I am honored that you have come to visit our website and check out what we have to offer. Nourish and Thrive Health and Wellness Solutions is about a passion for health and wellness, and a desire to provide services to our clients that bring them closer to their best self.

We offer online courses which also have remote coaching available, In Person – Reiki Treatments, distance Reiki, and Reiki Trainings 1, 2, and Master, Aromatherapy Consultations, Classes in Introduction to Essential Oils, Healthy Home with Aromatherapy, Personal Care Products with Aromatherapy, Personal Training, Pilates, Life Coaching, Courses in the Mature Masculine and Corporate coaching,

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I am Alexis Bloomstrand a wife, mother, grandmother, gardener, forever student, passionate, hopeful and compassionate human being!

It all began in the fall of 1972 when I attended a lecture on the campus of the University of Minnesota; it was on the Yin/Yang of Macrobiotics. Up until that point, I had eaten a pretty typical American diet of meat and potato diet growing up in a suburb of Minneapolis. As a kid, I had severe eczema, food and seasonal allergies, and migraine headaches. The lectures were on changing your health through diet. Over the course of that fall, I had changed my eating habits to a strict vegetarian Macrobiotic diet.

I took cooking classes, learning how to make tofu and mochi, and all these exotic foods and tastes. At the time there was nowhere, you could buy many of these foods, so you made them from scratch.

In the fall of 1974, we moved to Boston, so my husband could attend Boston College, and we could study Macrobiotics with Michio and Aveline Kushi, learning about Chinese medicine, food, and natural healing.

During this time I taught Natural Foods cooking classes all along Massachusetts’s Cape Cod at the evening night schools.

While in Boston, we begin to run into people that had been to a community in Northern Scotland called Findhorn. Paul Hawken had just written the book THE MAGIC OF FINDHORN, after reading it, we knew we had to go.

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When searching for a reliable guide, always look for well-worn boots…

The level of stress, pressure, and uncertainty we all face today has reached epic proportions. Our world is changing at a pace difficult to comprehend.

Building a rewarding life can be challenging, especially when familiar strategies no longer seem to be producing results. Building a rewarding life can be challenging, especially when familiar strategies no longer seem to be producing results.

The desire to seek the counsel of an experienced guide is not uncommon. Many of us walk through our life feeling isolated or alone. With our thoughts and emotions. Speaking honestly of our fears, hopes, and personal challenges is hardly water cooler discussion and can stretch the limits of even our most intimate relationships.

Who is willing to dive in when the need arises? I offer perspective and counsel at these moments. I draw from a board range of life experience and over 25 years of guiding men and women as they reveal their authentic voices and develop effective strategies for life.

The road to self-mastery and emotional agility is paved with what lies concealed within each of us. Few of us see ourselves clearly. I use discretion and encouragement to help my clients discover “hidden assets” in their character such as clarity, purpose, and decisiveness. Their answers are often hidden in what lies unconscious or unspoken.

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Annie’s practice is in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is founder of Pilates for All

Annie has been practicing Pilates since 1998 and was a United States Gymnastics Federation (USGF) gymnast for 10 years. Initially she began practicing Pilates to improve her posture. After injuring her back in 2004, Annie used Pilates to heal. It was then want Annie knew she had found her true passion and purpose.

Since she began teaching in 2006, Annie has helped countless others reach their fitness goals, build strength, restore flexibility, restore posture, and overcome their aches, pains, and injuries. Annie has and continues to work with a diverse clientele ranging fro teens to seniors.  She works with athletes that wish to improve their athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury as well as everyday men and women looking to stay fit, active and healthy. Annie has also worked with clients before and after joint replacement surgery, clients with injuries, migraine headaches, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, and much more.


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