Mature Masculine

When searching for a reliable guide, always look for well-worn boots.

Puzzling through success or failure in isolation produces limited understanding. However the very act of laying it all out before trusted council can increase understanding and insight. Wise Council promises perspective on self with greater accuracy than one’s imagination.

Sensible coaching and mentoring adhere to the principle we are seldom broken but often lack accurate knowledge of self. We all suffer setbacks, and it is natural enough to push back against change, emotional distress or impulse. Honest and candid examination of our actions and emotion pays valuable dividends, greater self-knowledge and confidence in the power of informed choice.

As a young man I believed I alone had to have all the answers to life’s prickly questions, if I was uncertain, I made something up. This proved an unreliable strategy for sound decision making. I assumed no one else had ever asked questions or hit the obstacles I’d encountered. I discovered others had similar experience and were willing to share valuable skills they’d collected over time.

We may neglect the past, but the past informs the future. Throughout history, humans have relied on an experienced counsel to mature and thrive.



To fully utilize the art and power of maturation one must accept the effort spans a lifetime and is more a marathon than a sprint. Each decade of life (20’s-30’s-40’s -50’s and beyond) place a wide range of stressors and opportunities squarely in one’s hands.

The one perspective we can’t see on our own is how we appear from the outside looking in. The function of a skilled coach/mentor is to recognize and reduce barriers obscuring valuable assets such as – Emotional agility, Decisiveness, Passion, Forgiveness and Conscious choice.

Maturing implies developing neglected or overlooked inner resources.

The art is in your unique response; power comes from what you can learn and apply.


Rely on integration

Maturity demands the integration of emotion and intellect. Wisdom requires we learn to live from the inside out relying on honesty, skill, and discipline to utilize all our resources responsibly, head, heart, and soul.

Wisdom- The ability to learn from life experience and use the knowledge gained to shape the future for the good of all.



Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are typically an hour or hour and a half in length, either in person or via Skype or Zoom.

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